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Through the Limitless Madness of Life

by: Keith H.J. Bevins

Move though the limitless madness of life.
Swim strong through the currents of chaos.
Plan when you can; fight for sanity in life's turmoil with audacity.
Adventure with and against the challenges.
Over come the obstacles, drive for your ends.

Dream, dream, dream long and bright, use your mind's sight.
See eternity and rejoice for it's there for you and I; there for everyone.
Strive for the right to live your life; we can and will strive together.
Rejoice in the challenge.

Know humility in your victories, have pride in that light.
Revel in the knowledge you earn in defeat.
Run if you want or stand if you can, then reach out and taste the struggle.
Cower if you dare, but I'd say fight.

Fear not the darkness for you can earn the knowledge to see the light.
Love it all.
Feel everything that sense says is right.
Fall not into the cesspool of indifference, vanity, and reckless indulgence.

Rise up.
See what is good and right.
Live it now and again.
If you forget; relearn the true sight.
Your mind is the navigator, your soul is your wind, your vessel your life.
Sail my friends, sail into infinity, and push your horizons a little farther beyond no limits.
Your imagination can be a good guide.
Use your mind, heart, and eyes, look for what is right.

Live and live on even longer.
The universe is there and it's here; reach out and touch it, grasp it with your open arms and hands.
I'll see you, and all the others at that place we will reach.
We will all reach it together, I hope and know; eventually we can get there together.
I'll be there, I won't be the first, I won't be the last.

See you there my friends.
I'll see you all there.
If there is something beyond, then don't wait; go on!
Find it all..
If you're the first there don't hesitate; go on.
I'll be along, eventually; I follow your path.
If someone was there, then go follow another's path.
Those who chose will all be along.

Time is irrelevant.
There is no end.
Only the gods know.
Don't hesitate.
We'll all know eventually. We are part of this universe.
Together we are, and will always be.
We are all one with infinity.
Infinity is our place.
Infinity is our place.

Sometime in 2001

. .