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Princess Lyssa and the Magic Horse

by: J. Dennis McKay

In a wondrous kingdom, long ago and far away,
it was always summer and even the flowers did play.
You could walk for twenty days and twenty nights,
never seeing an ugly sight.
There were forests bright and fields of green,
the people were happy, and never mean.
All the houses were packaged bundles of joy,
parents worked hard and loved each girl and boy.

But of all the houses and beautiful fields,
the thing most splendid was the castle Duneelds.
From every tower bright banners flew,
for miles around, tall flowers grew.
The King and the court and all of the staff,
never knew how to cry, but only to laugh.
The happiest of all was young and sweet,
Princess Lyssa brought smiles, to all she would meet.

Princess Lyssa loved to play,
throughout the whole day.
She could sing and dance,
and win hearts with a glance.
She was always polite, and never complained,
not even at bedtime, or when it rained.
But what gladdened her most, brought her tears of joy,
was her very own horse, a horse she called Roy.

Roy stood tall, with a coat of pure white,
and a mane of gold, that shone in the light.
He could run through field, with lightening speed,
he never did tire, did that mighty steed.
Princess Lyssa he bore, with assurance and grace,
never letting her fall, no matter the pace.
What brought them the closest, was a secret they shared,
Princess Lyssa told no one, not even when dared.
The secret was this, one day I was told,
long after the time, they had both grown old.
Roy, it would seem, was no ordinary horse,
he could talk and could fly, he was magic of course!
When others were close, he looked mighty and fair
when they were alone, he would take to the air!
Singing their way, with the birds in the sky,
the two went unseen to the most watchful eye.

Prancing their way out of castle gate,
they galloped through fields at an incredible rate.
Being careful to see that no one did follow,
Roy took to the air, in some hidden hollow.
Whisking through clouds, songs to Lyssa he sang,
heading only for home, when dinner bells rang.
If a child they saw, in a field all alone,
they would land among trees, then guide them home.

When tales of their travels reached the King's ear,
he only smiled, and showed not the least little fear.
For the King had a secret of his very own,
a secret about his great royal roan.
This horse was a champion, known far and wide,
whose likeness to Roy, one could hardly hide.
With Lyssa's privacy in mind, for whose happiness he cared,
he kept to himself, the secret they shared.

. .