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I Cannot Cry

by: Keith H.J. Bevins

My heart is broken, I cannot cry.
No tears fill my eyes.
My emotions shattered, a dream has died.

My heart is broken and I will not cry.
A part of my soul has died, I will not cry.
Life is hard, yet no tears fill eyes.

My heart is broken, yet I feel alive.
I do not cry even though part of my soul has died.
I am filled with pain inside, yet the love remains.

My heart is broken, the love remains, no ease for the pain.
I'll never feel the same as long as the memory remains.
For eternity, the memory will remain.

I will never be the same, for my heart is broken and I won't cry.
No matter how hard I've tried, I will not cry.
Life is here, and I hold it dear.

Hope isn't lost, yet the pain remains.
I look into a star fill sky this night.
Each light I see inspires distant hopes and dreams this night.
The pain is here, yet sight of stars at night isn't clouded by tears.
I have clear sight this night.

I will not lose hope in my sight.
Shattered, I still dream of her this night.
Hope will never disappear.
What visions will come this night?
Will they be of her?

My heart is broken, I will not cry.
Pain will fill my dream with fear.
Comfort is not close; comfort is not near.

My heart is broken, I cannot cry.
I will embrace sleep this night, with no vision of her near.
I am only a man who now cannot stand before sleep's hand.
Perhaps this night, my eyes will fill with tears?
For her sight is lost, that sight to my eyes was dear.

My heart is broken the night brings fear.
I must in time cry, for she will never again be near.
The night can in sleep draw out from my eyes the tears.
In nightmares arms alone in sleep I may weep.
My heart is broken, I can cry.

Spring 1999

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