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Fiction, Short Fiction, Science Fiction

I am an Unoriginal

by: Digital Scribbler

I passed by me looking at my. I wondered if me was about to ask my out but the thoughts of I on this subject were interrupted when I saw I too.

"Hello," I said to I too.

I too was wearing a double-breasted suit and appeared to be going someplace special. Perhaps I too was going to a wedding or a funeral. Sometimes, I thought, I couldn't tell which one I was at when I was at one.

"Good morning," I too said to I. "Smashing weather we're having."

"Isn't it?" I responded and decided to ask about the suit. "What's with the suit?"

"A rather complicated story," I too responded looking down at the ugliest double-breasted suit I had ever seen and which I too wore.

"I would love to hear the story if I too have the time," I responded eager to hear the story.

"Well," I too adjusted the standing position I too was in so I too could stand comfortably for a longer period of time. "I too had been wearing casual clothing, as I am now, when I too left the house. But then I too ran into her, he, she and him.

"As usual, they were singing that song. I know the song, don't I?"

I did and gestured in the affirmative. It was the one that went:

Molly, mary, linda, bob
Willy, martha, kevin, anne....

The song was nonsensical and seemed to go on forever. Sometimes I thought any gibberish word would make sense in the song, but once when I had sung kleptomule instead of Samuel, they had laughed and said kleptomule made no sense. As if the rest of the words made any sense.


. .