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The Cake is A Lie

Novemer 20, 2019
DriftersOasis is in archival status. It has not been updated since:
January 17, 2005

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DriftersOasis Caption Contest Winner!
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Look what's just drifted in:

World's Apart, by Derek Hawkins: Just Because we don't know a world is there, doesn't meant we can't affect it.
(added December 11, 2004)
Zen Cola, by Rob Rosen: It's the real thing!
(added December 4, 2004)
Farming, by Stiubhard Og: Regulations can be the death of tradition, even on this odd farm.
(added December 4, 2004)

Wake My Love, by Kat Jones: A call to awaken a lost love.
(added December 14, 2004)
I Cannot Cry, by Keith H.J. Bevins: A heart so broken tears fail to flow.
(added December 4, 2004)
Autumn Breeze Screams, by Keith H.J. Bevins: A quick thought of fall.
(added December 4, 2004)

100 Towers, Chapter 10: Yllek sweats it out in front of the Council of Families.
(added December 15, 2004)

Echo 13, Chapter 10: Have the X-Corps gained a defector from Kilkenny's pirate band? Or is it just another trap?
(added December 4, 2004)

First Caption Contest Results:
Won by CaptainVenture. Other entries listed.
(added: January 17, 2004)
How To Mug a Reindeer: by J. Dennis McKay. A Holiday Quickie for a bit of humor.
(added: December 17, 2004)
Slacker Boy vs. The Cyber Samurai: It's a graphic-story with piles of pop-culture references. And lots of things blowing up. And a Harley.
(added: A while back.)

       Online fiction, poetry, and serial novels, DriftersOasis is a place to share and promote the works of new and unpublished authors. Created in 2001 on a free server, it has been around, in one form or another ever since, and moved to our current dotcom domain on May 29, 2003. Feel free to browse through the works on display, and we welcome any comments you have on the presented work. We also welcome submissions, though please be advised, this is a non-profit site.
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